Brokers Price Opinion

Who we are
Tine Software Solutions Inc is specialized in Broker Price Valuation Services. One of the few companies which are specialized in this domain, we offer expertise of experienced professionals who have more than 2 years of industry experience directly partnering with Real Estate Agents.
TSS use their rich accumulated experience in leveraging IT and formulating Quality systems and well defined processes to make the valuation process and delivery error-free, faster and cost effective.
Brokers Price Opinion (BPO) is the essential alternative valuation tool for financial institutions currently pursuing home equity lines of credit, refinancing, loss mitigation and collection efforts. TSS with a network of professionals across the world offer accurate Broker Price Opinion Services including comparison, appraisal and valuation based on standard BPO guidelines followed by the industry.

At Tine Software Solutions Inc, We maintain high standards of integrity and quality. We are committed to deliver the best possible service to our clients, to set industry benchmarks, and to be the choice of Broker Price Opinion Management.
To be the most preferred specialized Broker Price Opinion Services company which offers services across the globe providing highest degree of accuracy at lowest possible time and cost.
To provide the most comprehensive and fastest Broker Price Opinion Services to clients across the world by using the combination of technology, network and expertise we have accrued over the years of leadership in BPO.