Consulting Services

Changing markets, business priorities, and increasing global opportunities enterprise IT is put under constant pressure to be agile, deliver the right business process capabilities at the right time, and remain within budgets. TSS brings extensive large-enterprise consulting experience to offer an impartial, practical, and highly customized:

  • Technology appraisal and systems evaluation: where we help clients understand the capabilities of products and solutions in context to their current and future business needs, evaluate hardware and software scenarios, and make informed business decisions
  • Roadmap development: Once the business stakeholders are in a position to make informed choices on technologies, we begin by an extensive business requirements gathering process, ensuring every user scenario is mapped, and articulated in the to-be state. Post this, we create a roadmap outlining the solution roll-out, customizing them to specific business requirements, and implementing a scalable set of tools for the business units
  • Architecture planning: TSS has worked with numerous organizations in helping them develop an architecture plan to integrate the various information elements: software, hardware, data, processes, and security concerns across the chosen technology platforms. Working in synch with the stakeholders, we have successfully articulated simplified architecture solutions for seemingly complex situations. Our Consultants